57a7b3c27af94.imageRegistration of births at the Vila Central Hospital Maternity Ward for the last three years has been connected live into the Civil Status Department database.

The system is also set up at three other major health facilities of the country – Northern District Hospital in Santo, Norsup Hospital in Malekula and Lenakel Hospital in Tanna.

CSD Acting Director, Ettienne Ravo, explains that the system allows for a baby born at the hospital to be registered into the system with all the information on the father and mother also entered into the system.

Then a birth certificate for the child is printed out before the mother and baby are discharged from the Maternity Ward of the hospital.

On the birth certificate is clearly identified as Hospital Registration.

The number on the birth certificate is the number that will be used across the board at all other departments, Civil Status Acting Director Ravo adds.

The system was installed in 2013 capturing new born babies with a photo of the babies being carried by the mothers as it was difficult to identify a baby and when he or she grew up a new photograph would then be placed onto the birth certificate to identify the grown up person.

Pila Titek who looks after the system at Vila Central Hospital explains that babies are born at the hospital every day and every day she registers between 10 to 15 babies before they are discharged with their mothers the following day. READ MORE