Every woman is naturally beautiful, but when she applies lipstick on, it has the power to make her feel even more so. Lipstick is a magical tool that thousands of woman enjoy wearing every day because it makes them feel feminine and empowered.

Although it may catch the attention of other people, we are not wearing it for them. We are wearing it for ourselves. It makes us feel amazing and emphasises the thickness of our beautiful lips. Some people think it’s easy to just put lipstick on, but it takes more than that. You have to know the right colour lipstick shade for your skin and the right way to apply it on. Here are some simple tips to get you started. 

red lips vanuatu

How do I know which lipstick colour suits my skin? 

A simple technique to find out which lipstick colour suits your skin, is to determine your undertone by looking at your inner wrist . If you have blue veins, your skin tone is cool. If you have green veins, your skin tone is warm. If you have both, then your skin is a mixture of a cool and warm undertones.


Checking different lipstick colours on wrist

The best colour shade lipstick for dark skin depends on your undertone. Dark skin colour suits nude, deep brown, dark red, orange, burgundy and black cherry. It is important to really take notice of your skin tone because if you apply the wrong shade of lipstick, you can end up looking very unflattering.

Where can I buy lipstick in Port Vila?

Although we live on a unique and diverse island, we do not have a diverse range of cosmetic stores. Here’s three names of stores where you can buy quality and affordable lipsticks that will last long and make you look beautiful – Paris Shopping, Drug Store and Health Wise.

Paris Shopping has the best long-lasting quality brands of lipstick like Christian Dior. It’s one of the most popular brands that all woman just love. There is also L’Oreal and Rimmel which are affordable for locals to buy. They offer shades that will suit all dark skin tones and are perfect for those of you who love your lips looking pouty.

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Paris Shopping is the only place that in town that stocks Lip Maximize. They also sell Clarins firming lip balm that will keep your lips moisturized and looking healthier every day. Patricia Joly, the manager at Paris shopping, specializes in all cosmetics and can help you pick a shade that will suit your skin.

Patricia Joly at Paris Shopping

Patricia Joly and her team at Paris Shopping can help you pick the right lipstick shade

Drug Store pharmacy also have some good quality, affordable and long lasting brands like BYS, Revlon and Coral. They offer lipstick shades and lip liners that will suit dark skin, but if you’re not sure, the lovely ladies at drug store will happily assist you to choose the right one for you. Healthwise Pharmacy opposite Island Time offers the brand Coral, which has a few colour shades that suit dark skin. Coral is also long lasting and affordable for locals.

Drug Store Vanuatu

Drug Store Vanuatu

How do you apply lipstick on?

Every woman has their own unique way to apply lipstick. Some start by putting foundation on their lips, then lining their lips with a lip liner. First they apply the first coat of lipstick, then a second coat is needed to give a long lasting shade. Other women just put on their long lasting lipstick without lip liner or foundation. Choose a technique that you feel comfortable with and think is best for you – always trust your instinct first.

How to you remove long lasting lipstick on your lips?

There are many ways to remove long lasting lipstick. Here’s 3 easy tips:

1) Add a little bit of Vaseline on your lips then use a paper towel or a soft tissue and just wipe it off gently.

2) Apply a little bit of coconut oil on too your lips and remove it with a soft tissue or a paper towel.

3) Wet your paper towel or tissue with water then gently wipe off your lipstick.

By Anna Victoria Abbock

Anna Victoria Abbock is a mother of one, with another baby on the way. She gets her exotic looks from her Vietnamese, French and Nguna mother and Paama father. Anna is studying a diploma in wedding planning and loves her makeup and shoes.