It is said that writing can help erase the questions.

So here I am, putting my thoughts to paper…


How did it get to this?

Growing up with Uyou and Tais was the best.

Uyou helped my mother nurture me and it was remarkable because I was her first grandchild.

She travelled all the way from Erromango to the island of land diving to do that.

This was back in 1995.

How did it get to this?

Uyou played a major role in my life that, I have fond flashbacks of her memories these days.

Whenever I feel down, I envision ‘What would she do at a time like this?’

I remember how Uyou loved singing choruses and hymns.

My whole life, she was the one who could sing those high notes easily. 


How did it get to this?

We lost Uyou on the 25th of June 2019. But it was not loss due to illness or accident.

That fateful day, she just disappeared – gone with the wind from our home village.

Days followed and the villagers set up search parties to find Uyou but were unsuccessful.

This unforeseen event ripped our hearts to pieces.


How did it get to this?

It is now three years since Uyou departed without saying goodbye.

Here we are, ‘-living in emotional limbo-’…

Although my mother and her siblings go day by day without mentioning it, I know deep in their hearts, they miss Uyou terribly.

Until today there has been no closure to help us with the grieving process.


We believe she has gone to be with the Lord.

We know we will see her soon.


I sit and ponder Uyou’s stories about her sacrifices;

How she had to quit school and hunt for sandalwood so her siblings could get educated.

And how she nurtured other kids as well in her home.

She had composed some songs – one of which is being sung by popular bands in Vanuatu currently.

Although it is not known publicly, we know it was from her.


So, when her songs are playing, we will be dancing.

When her songs are being sung, we will cry.

These are her memories, and we will hold them dear to our hearts.

When we return to our home village, there will be Tais’ grave, but not Uyou’s.

From your children and grandchildren, 

“Uyou, we love you and miss you. We will see you again soon.”