The Tafea Provincial Government Council (TPGC) is calling on the Independent Newspaper to publish a formal apology for a news which was featured on the front page of its Issue no.668 last month.

But the Editor of the Independent Newspaper, Tony Wilson, said the newspaper will not be issuing an apology to Tafea Province, neither to CCECC.

Tafea Assistant Secretary General (SG), David Tovovur, said the report about a brothel on Tanna was not true.

“It has tarnished the name of our good island, our province and country.

“The news has also ruined the reputation of the China Civil Engineering Construction Cooperation (CCECC), the Chinese company constructing the south Tanna road here (on Tanna),” Tovovur told Daily Post via phone from Tanna.

CCECC is the only Chinese company operating on Tanna. According to the Independent, the brothel is catering to largely Chinese clients.

Assistant SG Tovovur said: “In our investigation, we found no evidence of the so-called brothel’s existence.

“We found no sex workers and have verified information on birth registration with Lenakel Hospital.

“There are no records of children born of mixed blood, meaning one of the parent is of Chinese national and the other is Tannese.

“Tanna is one of the islands where custom is still very strong.

“Lately, we have been receiving a lot of visitors which we believe Tanna Movie was a contributing factor.

“We were feeling so happy about its (Tanna Movie) nomination for Oscars until the news ruined our excitement.

“The news has stained the image of all Tanna leaders.

“We are not happy. We are demanding that the Independent Newspaper apologize to the government, CCECC and Tafea Province,” he said. READ MORE