A unique range of hand-made men’s headwear woven in Vanuatu has made its debut in Sydney, as part of an international headwear collection called Pacific Brim.

Pacific Brim headwear designer, Rosie Boylan says, “This is a truly Pacific collaboration that showcases the talent and manufacturing potential in our own region, with a striking and unique range of men’s’ headwear.”

This sustainable product draws on the traditional artisan weaving skills of Vanuatu, with product development by Hills Hats, New Zealand, trade support from Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia along with representation by iconic headwear store Strand Hatters in Sydney who will be the exclusive retailers for this product.

Caleb Jarvis, Trade & Investment Commissioner, PTI Australia said that this type of international collaboration is vital, but not easy to achieve.

“I’m immensely proud to see everyone’s hard work come together and the Pacific Brim collection on display and for purchase in high-end hat store in Sydney, Australia.

“A significant proportion of the Pacific Island economy is informal, and is made up of incredibly skilled artisans like the women weavers of Vanuatu. It’s so rewarding to see this collaboration we have supported between the women weavers of Vanuatu and Rosie Boylan turn into the amazing Pacific Brim collection. It helps to keep these traditional artisan skills alive and has the potential to provide a sustainable revenue stream for these women weavers”.

Each hat in the Pacific Brim collection is handmade from sustainable pandanas plants that grow naturally in Vanuatu, where the hats are woven. The fibre is robust but pliable allowing the hats to be folded, perfect for storing.

Proceeds from sales go directly back to the women weavers of Vanuatu and their communities. It is Pacific Brim’s vision to provide a sustainable income for the Pacific weavers and to create ethically and regionally-sourced headwear for the contemporary sun seeker.