The police is now being blamed after some items were reported missing on vehicles seized and detained by police, at the Port Vila cemetery last Friday.

Angry drivers were reportedly complaining at the police station at the weekend after they received calls and text messages from friends, tipping them off their buses doors were left open until morning after the alleged robberies.

A bus driver who called Daily Post yesterday and wanted to remain anonymous said that his Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amplifier with Wired Bass Boost Remote worth more than Vt40,000 was removed from his bus and none of the officers were aware of it.

The police are reportedly making effort to retrieve the items.

The driver said that his other colleagues had their music deck ripped off the dashboard and some lost their bus batteries and other valuable items.

He claimed that some of the spotlights that were bolted on the top of their vehicles are missing.

He said no one was hired to watch over their vehicles after they were seized.

He added that the drivers relied upon the police officers to look after their buses after the arrest and they were expecting the release upon paying some fines but realised that their buses have been seriously damaged.

The driver mentioned that police was supposed to give them some answers this week.

Police authorities who were in a position to comment on the issue were not available yesterday when Daily Post called.

It was reported that police arrested those buses in their Zero Tolerance Operation over the weekend.