“The Vanuatu Women In Sport Commission (VANWIS) is in the business of lifting all women up through sports because we were raised by strong women, and in VANWIS raising women is raising the nation of Vanuatu.

“I am proud to have dedicated members bulked with wealth of sport skills to work with me for the next term of 4 years. I look forward to working together with them on new plans to be delivered and implemented,” were the words of the Julia King, newly elected Chair of VANWIS as she tells Daily Sports this week.

Chair Julia King Jessica Richardson (Disabilities/Rowing), Debbie Masauvakalo (Beach Volleyball), Relvie Poilapa (Hockey), Nancy Miyake (Swimming), and George Regenvanu (Football) were elected as new members in the Commission. Assisting them are National Federations of Netball, Rowing (Allan Kalfabun) and Archery (Aurelia Boudier).

The Commission elected Jessica Richardson as Secretary, and George Reganvanu as Treasurer at its first recent meeting. Its Strategic Plans is expected to roll out soon.

“I take this opportunity to warmly thank the outgoing Chair Dalsie Baniala and committee whom have contributed much in committing themselves in the past terms of the Commission.

“Physical activity and sport provides the critical foundation, in no small part, that allows girls and women lead healthy, strong, and fulfilled lives. VANWIS believes it is important for more girls and women to participate. Girls in sports including impairments perform better academically and have discipline and management skills. We have impairment Friana Qwevira securing Vanuatu’s first Bronze medal at the recent Commonwealth Games and today delighted to see herself securing a job with Bred Bank,” concluded King.

The Chair’s long-sighted vision is to work towards more activities and events that encourage and promote gender equality and women empowerment in sports come. The new term has opened the pathway to having on board a male member for the very first time since its establishment on 4 September 2009.

VANWIS’s establishment was in line with the International Olympic Committee Mission’s Goal No. 7 which state “to encourage and support the promotion of women in sport at all levels and in all structures with a view to implementing the principle of equality of men and women”.

The Commission function under the umbrella of VASANOC, and is guided by its own terms of reference.