“To become a good leader in business, there’s no room for enemies. You lead by example by setting up relationships with the people around you. Be strong, be determined, be a good manager, improve your management skills and be a great leader, a great business woman”.

Coordinator of Ambassador Tourism Programme of the Department of Tourism Development, Nadia Kanegai has made the statement in her congratulatory message to the business mamas of Pango and Ifira (who own booths at the Main Wharf) on their graduation from a business management workshop in Pango Village recently.

She says mamas are moving into a life that is very competitive in business therefore they have to keep up with the pace to be able to compete in business.

She says they must improve their skills and knowledge and confidence to be able to move forward.

She focuses on three points namely determination, management and leadership.

Kanegai says determination is something that lives within each person so mamas must move with it to drive them forward. “Learn to determine to develop your creativity. Look at the products in Chinese shops then go home to develop some similar or totally new products out of local material”, she says.

In management she continues, “I see you have recorded on your charts on the wall your operation daily. That is management and mamas are the best managers in the home and I believe this. You have to have knowledge and skills to be able to work out your budget and how to manage it. Your training course has provided you with the knowledge and skills to learn how to manage your business”.

Finally Kanegai says, “When you are a leader it means you must set up a customer relationship which promotes customer service in your business. If you are a business woman who does not talk much then you must talk more or if you have no patience then you must learn to be patient.

“Relationship building is not restricted to customer service but also with other mamas. For instance if one day you run out of necklaces in your booth and a custom comes to buy one, you do not tell her you have none left. Ask her to wait while you go to get it. Simply ask the mama next to you with a smile to give you a necklace then you can replace it later”.

Coordinator of Business Training Programme in the Department of Tourism Development, Brenda Andre assures the mamas that the training is ongoing and all other mamas will also be taken through the same course.