lapita-festival-vanuatu-2016From Wednesday 16 to 20th November, the 2016 Lapita Festival, will be held at the Don Paterson Lapita Park at Teouma Valley.

The Lapita Festival is an annual event aimed at promoting the important findings from the Lapita site at Teouma and will focus on the subsistence economy of the Lapita people when they first came to the islands.

This is the second edition and activities are organized around the theme “A healthy youth, a healthy future: looking to Lapita for inspiration.”

The general objective of hosting a Lapita festival is to highlight Vanuatu’s diverse culture by telling the story of the Lapita people, our ancestors who first settled these islands, 3,000 years ago.

It is an opportunity to showcase Vanuatu’s rich and diverse cultural heritage through custom dances, stories, art and history.

The five day event will feature programs and presentations including Lapita displays, food stalls, tree planting, climate change, custom dances, traditional games, demonstrations of skills (canoe making, weaving, carving), sand drawing, Wan Smol Bag food preservation, slow food, herbal medicine and live entertainment including Stan and the Earth Force, Tujah, Smol Fyah and more.

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