The three women during the opening of the Beauty Salon. From left to right are: Lily Malas, Andrea Toka Malas, Beverly Aleng Lowonbu. Photo: Supplied. By Doddy Morris

Three local women – Beverly Aleng Lowonbu, Lily Malas, and Andrea Toka Malas – proudly unveiled the opening of their beauty salon on Friday, May 26, 2023.


Situated at the Waterfront in Port Vila town, Jimanaturaga Salon offers a wide range of services including haircuts for men, women, and children, massages, manicures and pedicures, waxing, hair braiding, hair extensions, and facials.


Established with the aim of assisting talented individuals in the local community who lack employment opportunities, the salon began its journey last year. According to Beverly Aleng Lowonbu, their primary goal is to inspire and motivate individuals to develop their skills and pursue their passions.


“We are driven to operate this business because most establishments within Port Vila town are owned by foreigners,” Miss Lowonbu said. “We firmly believe that if they can do it despite the high fees required for setup, then we, as locals, have the advantage to do the same.”


With their concept in mind, they diligently crafted a business plan, established a budget, and transformed their aspirations into reality. Ms Lowonbu encourages others with dreams or passions that may seem challenging to not only visualise their goals but also take action.

“I urge those who have plans or dreams, whether demanding or not, to put their minds and efforts towards making them a reality,” she expressed. “Create a plan, outline the process, set a timeline, pray about it, and go for it. Anything is possible when you give your best effort; God will take care of the rest.”


Facing the challenges of maternal obligations, they occasionally find themselves unable to work when their children fall ill and require care. Family commitments and the everyday trials of life were among the difficulties they encountered while establishing their business. However, it is their role as mothers that continues to drive them forward.


“Being a mother is challenging, but it is that very role that keeps pushing us,” Ms Lowonbu acknowledged.


Looking ahead, their future plans involve expanding Jimanaturaga Beauty Salon to Santo and Tanna. Their aim is to make everyone feel beautiful, regardless of age or size, while ensuring affordability for all, especially the people of Vanuatu.


SOURCE: Vanuatu Daily Post