The Malapoa College School Counselor, Marisai Vusonilawe and nurse Norah Marie Simon from the Mind Care unit.

Malapoa college recognizes a need for better counseling services on campus to support them mental health of its students, with a school of over 1000 students and 80 plus teachers, the school has been working towards a better counseling service since 2020.

” In the space of 2 years we have lost 2 students to suicide. While we work towards building up our mind care services in the school this is happening,” says Malapoa School Principal Shem Simon as he emphasized the urgency of establishing better counseling services.

The MC school Counselor , Marisai Vusinolawe and The mind Care unit Nurse, Norah Marie Simon advise that mental health is a holistic thing so treating it means taking care of your entire being, body, mind, spirit.

“Talk to somebody when you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, a counselor or head to the Mind care unit. Find health coping mechanisms, find a buddy to do school activities with so that you are not isolating yourself , avoid substance abuse because it leads to more problems and always try to get enough rest” said Nurse Norah.

The MC school counselor advises that the NEW START acronym is a tried and tested way that has always proven successful.

” I always tell those i counsel to use the NEW START acronym which means to take proper care of, Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, & Trust (in God)”