“We the mamas at the wharf are the first ones to meet the tourists as soon as they disembark from the cruise liner, and we are the first ones to touch the beautiful feel of their dollars as they spend their money at our booths.

But regardless of how many dollars we earn, immediately following our sales, our earnings become like water seeping through our fingers due to lack of management and book keeping skills. We have no report of cash out and cash in and on the next tourist boat call, we have no products to sell.”

Speaking at the certificate presentation to the mamas following their four days of training, jointly organised by the Training Unit of the Department of Cooperatives and Department of Tourism Development, the President for Pango Mamas at the wharf, Sarah Paton likens their training to a mirror as it shows where they have gone wrong and their trainers teach them how to fill the loop holes by keeping records of how much money they start the day with and how much they earn through their sales and what profit they make each day. READ MORE