Furious after being reported and dealt with by Police for a domestic violence incident, a suspect turned violent imposing a serious injury on a female family member by cutting her hand.

Sedrick Yatika who is currently wanted by Police, was released on bail for his domestic violence charges, but ran away from home since he allegedly wounded the female member of his family with a knife.

Daily Post understands the incident happened after the suspect returned home after being released on bail.

Yatika is now wanted by Police since his bail condition was breached when he engaged in violent behaviour.

Family members, friends and the general public that know of his whereabouts or information that may lead to his arrest are encouraged to report to the Police or call free line 111 as soon as possible.

Today marks the 5th day that the suspect has been avoiding police and any contribution of the general public to identify the his location would be very much appreciated, according to a statement from Police.