The Vanuatu Paralympic Committee has confirmed the participation of its par-athlete, Marcelline Moli in the upcoming 2020Tokyo Paralympic games in Tokyo, Japan.

VPC’s Athletic Coach and Program Manager, Mrs Mary Mahuk stated that Miss Moli was granted participation under the Universal Wild Cat (UWC). She confirmed that Miss Moli and Ken Kahu will be attending the 2020Tokyo Paralympic games.

She stated that VPC is also awaiting approval for Ellie Enoch to attend the games. She stated that hopefully by July, VPC will receive a respond from the International Paralympic Committee regarding her participation.

In a VPC press release, VPC stated that Marcelline Moli’s selection to the Tokyo Paralympic Games to represent Vanuatu in Long Jump was formally announced at the Port Vila Carbine Club dinner held last night at L’Houstalet.

Marcelline flew from Luganville not just to attend the Carbine Club dinner but to receive her first Astra-Zeneca vaccination. The Vanuatu Paralympic team has all been vaccinated. The Committee decided 100% vaccination coverage was an essential part of the Team Vanuatu’s preparations – not just practice on the track.

“It was so easy. Lots of people in Luganville are frightened of being vaccinated but the Ministry of Health had the Vaccination Hub at the Convention Centre so well organised it took no time really. I didn’t even feel the little needle! Then at night I went to the Carbine Club dinner,” said Miss Moli.

The Port Vila Carbine Club has been one of Marcelline Moli’s man supporters providing funding for her initial classification in 2017 prior to representing Vanuatu in the 2018CommonwealthGames in Brisbane.

In 2020, the Carbine Club assisted with costs too send Marcelline to Brisbane for the Queensland Athletics Championship. This event had been approved as a Tokyo Paralympic Games pre-qualification event. It was Marcelline’s solid performance at the Queensland Championships that led to her offer of a Wild Card in Long Jump.

VPC President, Margareth Macfarlane stated that the support of the Port Vila Carbine Club for Marcelline has been essential.

The Vanuatu Paralympic Committee receives no core funding and without the Club’s on-going generosity, Marcelline’s sporting successes may never have occurred.

“I am really excited about going to the Tokyo Games. It’s not just the opportunity to represent Vanuatu at the Games, it’s also about showing families who have children with a disability to let their children participate in sport. Look at my life. I have travelled the world, met amazing people, been involved in healthy activities and helped to change community attitudes towards people like me living with an impairment.

“However, without funding for airfares uniforms and equipment, this may not have happened. I was just so grateful for the opportunity to go to the Carbine Club dinner to thank the members personally. With the Carbine Club’s generosity, what seemed impossible became possible.