A food vendor has extolled the benefits of the biogas plant that was launched at the Port Vila City market house last week.

The two biogas units are located near the coffee booth of the main market and supply methane gas to the food vendors at the coffee booth, as a trial to establish the benefits.

Eva Kalterekia, who was also the first to have access to these biogas units since late July said that she had gained a lot from using this initiative.

Kalterekia said since she and her co-workers started using this gas, they were able to save more money compared to when they were using the usual bottle gas which usually cost them around VT9,000 per month.

The mother said it was also environmentally friendly and more natural. “The food that I cooked using this gas was much cleaner, compared to food cooked over an open fire,” she said.

Kalterekia encouraged other mothers and restaurants to cook their food using biogas because it it is cheaper and beneficial.

The food vendors at the coffee booth will utilise the biogas unit from this week onwards as part of the trial.

An employee from the Port Vila market management team, Lionel Nasum, said that the biogas was sourced from horse manure that was brought in by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development several months ago.

He also mentioned that the waste from the biogas was in liquid form and was used on plants around the market house as a source of fertilizer. Some of the market vendors also use this in their gardens.