Vanuatu’s beach volleyball duo of Linline Matauatu and Loti Joe have outclassed Australia’s top seeded team in a Sandstorm Beach Volleyball event in Brisbane, Australia, by a straight set (2-0) victory over the weekend.

Though ranked 7th in the tournament, the girls claimed victory after a hard win 21-17 and 21-14 win against the Australian girls Elizabeth Alchin and Jasmine Rayner who had an astounding height difference to their advantage.

The formidable match began with the both parties smashing each other with an exciting and tough game as they all fought to grab the lead at the round 10A of the Queensland Beach Volleyball Tournament (QBVT).

However, the Vanuatu girls Matautu and Joe found open spaces and were topping the ball over every minute they could find as a significant step to maintain the reins.

Five-point loss for a 15-10 lead in the first minutes of the game saw Loti being very consistent and very disciplined in their approach, adding smart tactics to keep taking the lead.

In the final minutes of the first set, the girls got the with a nice 17 to 10 points thanks to the great tactical approach taken by these young ballers, proving that team Australia could only eat sand dust at the initial moments.

Matauatu and her partner gave an outstanding performance reaching up to almost a stunning 10 difference for the teams.

Nevertheless, at the count of only one goal to take the first set victory, team Australia speed up their game while pausing the speedy goal accumulation from their counterparts.

Moving from 15, then adding up each goal by the minute to 19 for the Aussies and 20 for Lin and her partner.

In the end the Vanuatu girls take lead with 21 -18 as the referee blew the whistle to announce the time up.

The girls and dropped 5 points.

Matauatu and Joe kicked off the second set with a point lead.

The score evened out seconds later as the Australian pair smashed in a powerful blow but a weak defence on the Vanuatu side added to the Australians’ win.

At the first switch over, Vanuatu flag still flew as the girls defended their home to a close 4-3 lead.

Powerful shots were smashed in from both sides at the final match.

The girls who work for Icomply recruitment agency kept their heads up and high as they grabbed the golden win.

To book a spot in the grand final, Matauatu and Joe had to defeat the 3rd seeded Australian team in their semi-final match in two straight sets (21-17, 21-17).