The troubled parents who wished to remain anonymous were visiting their relatives at the Maternity Ward.

They said the heavy rainfall had clogged up the drainages, causing an overspill of muddy water that flooded the entrance of the Maternity Ward and went as far as overflowing through the doors.

“The mothers at the time had to continuously sweep off water using their feet to stop it from gushing into the room,” one of the parents said.

A staff member also reported that last year on Christmas Day, the Maternity Ward corridor was flooded with water and it was sad to see mothers in labour and visiting relatives struggling to move around the flooded area.

The staff said she had to “keep mopping the entryway for the whole night”.

VCH Medical Superintendent, Dr. Errollyn Tungu, said the hospital is very old and is yet to undergo a full restoration which include upgrades and renovations.

“At the moment, we are planning to use sandbags as a way to divert water and prevent it from flooding the corridors,” she said.