Ms Lillyrose Welwel, President of MAV (Photo taken by BREJ Pacific)

The Media Association blong Vanuatu (MAV) President, Lillyrose Welwel, has emphasised the importance of the public understanding the distinction between mainstream media and social media posts.

Her comments came in response to a statement made by Member of Parliament (MP) Anatole Hymak during the First Ordinary Session of Parliament yesterday morning.

MP Hymak had claimed in parliament that the press had published false information stating that he had signed the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister (PM) Ishmael Kalsakau. Ms Welwel clarified that, to her knowledge, no journalist registered under MAV had published such an article.

She stressed the need for the public to differentiate between press, which refers to recognise mainstream media outlets and their trained journalists, and social media posts, which can be made by any citizen on personal accounts.

“While MAV currently includes a recognized social media organisation, I do not believe that the press referred to by Mr Hymak was produced by any MAV-affiliated media organization, including the aforementioned social media organisation,” the MAV president stated.

Ms Welwel urged MAV members to continue adhering to the MAV code of ethics to prevent situations like this from occurring.