The Lord Mayor of Port Vila, Ulrich Sumptoh, said that the current council he is heading condemns all sort of killings that is happening in the city of Port Vila.

He made the statement in a press conference yesterday in his office conveying the counsel’s deepest sympathy to the relatives of the victims.

Mr Sumptoh said that the recent killings of the people in town have compelled his office to publicly denounce the violence in the city in light of the Pacific Mini Games which the country is about to host in December.

“A reason why our city was chosen by the Games Council for the Pacific Games is our friendliness and our resilience to violence, yet for the last two weeks Port Vila has been known to be a killing field,” the Lord Mayor said.

He said that a mother was reportedly killed, a man also killed, a toddler was thrown out the window of a bus and people do not respect other people’s properties were sort of the alleged offences happening in Port Vila recently.

He said that the action included some people damaging the newly upgraded Fatumaru Park facilities.

He said that a country like Vanuatu with a motto that states ‘In God We Stand’, people need to be reminded of the a commandment in the Bible that states that ‘Thou shall not kill’.

The mayor said that yet people could not stop committing such offences when they should fear the State and God.

He said that in a recent discussion with the new Police Commissioner, Albert Nalpini, it is clear that the State has a limited number of law enforcers and the Municipal has only a total 35 wardens who were just graduated from Police College. READ MORE