Meet Magalie Laloyer Fiakaifonu, a proud Vanuatu woman hailing from Ambae and Torres, who will be celebrating her 38th birthday on August 15 this year.

She’s not just a devoted mother of three children, but also the visionary owner of Ximivogue Vanuatu, the newest addition to the fashion franchise scene. Ximivogue is an international fast-fashion brand.

Mrs. Fiakaifonu’s journey is marked by determination and a thirst for education. She attended École Primaire Sainte Thérèse and College de Santo for secondary education. Despite her initial hesitation, she was selected as one of Vanuatu’s best students to continue her studies at Lycée Français Le Clézio de Port Vila. Although it was challenging, she persevered, earning a full scholarship for her academic excellence.

Her pursuit of higher education led her to the University of New Caledonia, where she specialised in Finance and Marketing. Despite facing financial hurdles, Mrs. Fiakaifonu’s persistence paid off when she convinced the French Embassy to support her studies abroad. After completing her degree, she embarked on a successful career, working for prestigious companies like Barrett & Partners and Sharper Image.

However, Mrs. Fiakaifonu’s entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be contained. Inspired by her own struggles to find unique gifts during her time at home due to health reasons, she envisioned a solution: a boutique that offers a variety of trendy and affordable products. Thus, Ximivogue Vanuatu was born.

With her background in finance, marketing, and years of experience in the corporate world, Mrs. Fiakaifonu is well-equipped to lead her business to success.

As she enters this new chapter as a business owner, she is excited to serve to the country and provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for locals and visitors alike.