On Friday 28 July 2023, Sista through the We Rise Coalition supported Melanesian Women Today (MWT) and Haus Storian in facilitating our first ever, Melanesian Women’s Creed Writers Workshop! 

20 women from different countries, with different interests and writing experiences were invited to a safe space to explore how contemporary Melanesian women express their life experiences through literature.

This creative workshop provided the space for women to reflect on three core questions:

  • What does it mean to be a woman in Melanesia today?  
  • How do our stories and our words reflect our realities, our struggles, our hopes and our aspirations?  
  • How can we draw strength from our Melanesian sisterhood? 

It was empowering to see all the women share their own stories and wisdom gained from navigating life in Melanesia.  

Dr Mere Sovick from Melanesian Women Today, and the wonderful Anna Naupa, facilitated the workshop by using techniques of sharing, creating and weaving to collaboratively craft a Melanesian Sisterhood Creed that can be referenced to provide strength and inspiration to all our Melanesian sisters in everyday life.  

A massive THANK YOU to all the women who attended the workshop last week, we appreciate you all for sharing your stories and experiences and for wanting to be part of this creative space. Shout out to Alliance Francaise for allowing us to use their space to generate these creative discussions, and of course thank you to We Rise Coalition for their ongoing support. 

Click here to see the full Creed 

See some of the photos from the Melanesian Sisterhood Creed workshop below: