mommasMarket vendors based at the main wharf are basking in the confines of their new setting in which they have been currently relocated to.

As construction is being carried out for a full renovation at the wharf in order to manage the condensed traffic, the mommas believe that they have been placed exactly where they need to be.

President of the Mommas from Pango Village and head of the Mtakseu Women’s Association, Serah Paton, had a smile painted on her face when asked how the business was running in the new locale and the joy that she expressed simply gave the plot away.

“After the changes it has been very good and improving. We now have more time for the tourists to come and free time to see things not like before outside when the bus and taxi drivers used to interfere,” she said.

However the relocation is just a trial version which will run for 60 days and after that the Port Vila Cruise and Tourism Committee will then review the pros and cons of the trial and upgrade areas that need attention. READ MORE

By Mavuku Tokona