A quick thinking mother who was in a brake-failed public transport bus speeding down a steep Ohlen Hole slope, out of desperation, was reported to have thrown her young baby out the window who landed safely in the hands of a young drunk, just seconds before the bus collided into a concrete wall, badly injuring the passengers including the mother of the baby.

The blood covered mother who walked away from the accident, looking for her baby was reported to be “very thankful to the young drunk” when he proudly handed her baby back to her.

Christmas celebrations were in full swing in Ohlen Interior when the out of control bus sped down the slope towards the jubilant crowd.

Eye witnesses of the rare incident describe the baby to be “about five or six months old and very chubby”.

Meanwhile, Ohlen community leaders wish to thank the police for their quiet Christmas festivities in their crowded areas, saying community chiefs have also played a huge role in containing their young people.

Ohlen consists of well over 3,000 residents and is also a rich fishing ground for political candidates.

The spectacular fireworks and the noise to welcome the New Year was described by residents as perhaps the longest lasting well over ten minutes, compared to previous celebrations marking the arrival of the same annual dawn.