Over 30 mothers and children were evacuated from the end of airport area, due to flooding and landslide threats on Sunday morning.

Chief Noal Arsen, who is with the World Vision and community member John Siaka used ropes to transfer the mothers through an estimated 30 metres of muddy, rushing water to safety.

Braving the flood and using just ropes to move the families across took the whole morning.

The mothers and children have been temporarily relocated to homes in Bladinere and Ohlen.

In Rentapau, five semi-permanent homes were destroyed by strong winds yesterday.

Cyclone Donna was upgraded to Category 5 at 2pm yesterday.

Teams were on hand at the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in the capital for updates from the clusters, for early responses the same afternoon.

All schools in the affected provinces remain closed while the University of the South Pacific has advised that the Emalus Campus in Vanuatu is closed today due to the adverse effects of cyclone Donna. READ MORE