The Movement Red has acknowledged the Government for announcing the voting day for the national referendum as they affirmed their commitment to supporting the government towards this journey.

According to the Movement’s spokesperson, Mike Esrom, they are ready to collaborate with the government leading up to May 29, 2024, the date set aside for voting.

Esrom admitted that the timeframe is very short for the democratic process required for the referendum as this involves informing people about what a referendum is, explaining that it involves a yes or no vote, and clarifying the implications of voting yes or no.

Esrom confirmed the Movement has already kick-started discussions on supporting this process, and they have considered ways to disseminate information including using social campaigns in line with government guidance.

They recently met with the National Youth Council’s executives, and planed to sign a partnership to work with youth and empower them as the government implements the referendum roadmap.

Esrom mentioned that funding will play a role, but they aim to assist in message development, subject to approval from the Electoral Office.

The Red Movement spokesperson noted that they are carrying out this role voluntarily for the benefit of Vanuatu’s benefit, further stressing the importance of a smooth referendum process, especially as it’s the first of its kind.

They have a 100% commitment to supporting the referendum and have previously collected over 5,000 signatures through a petition during a period of political instability to promote stability and make people’s voices heard.

Tomorrow, the 2024 national referendum will be formally launched by the government at Independence Park.