Natasha Issachar is not a woman who plays – she’s a woman who slays. A mother of twin boys with a busy job at NRI Management, the 24-year-old stays focused on the grind but isn’t afraid to step outside the box either. Wearing clothes sewn by local seamstress Anna’s Creations (who also happens to be her mother) Natasha brings high quality Pasifika fashion to the streets and seafront of Port Vila.


Natasha Issachar


24 Years Old


Where are you from?

My dad is from Atchin in Malekula and my mum is from Vanua Levu in Fiji.

I still live with my mum and dad and I have four siblings. There are three girls and a boy in my family. I am a twin and I also have handsome identical twin sons.



I work at NRI Management as a Reservation and Administration Officer.

What do you aspire to do in the future?

I have always wanted to be a makeup specialist, to do all things beautiful with people’s face, hair and nails. It has always been my passion to make someone feel pretty and confident with their outer looks.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m not really an outgoing person in my spare time. I prefer to chill and listen to music, watch movies or hang out with friends. I’m not studying at the moment but I would like to further my studies in tourism.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t really have a style. I just like to wear what makes me feel comfortable and what suits my body appearance of course! I mostly like to wear pencil skirts and high waist pants that require a lot of tucking in. I like to match it with a simple white or black top.

I believe fashion brings out the beauty in me or in anybody in general. Fashion gives you the opportunity to explore yourself and you can match it with your surroundings. If you go for the natural look, you can blend in with your environment, or you can wear an exotic look and it can bring out your environment.

Where do you buy your clothes from?  

I’m not an expensive shopper. I can relate to any other Ni-Vanuatu girl and woman, where we mostly buy our clothes from second hand shops in Vila. My two favorite second hand shops are Stret Price and Stanley Imports. Not only do they have good quality clothes but most of their tops are trendy too.

Who influences your style?

To dress up for special events it is definitely Rihanna and Beyoncé that influences my style, no doubt haha!

What beauty products do you use?

I usually put on foundation and lipstick for the day. My foundation color is usually light coco and I have a range of either brown or dark red lipstick that matches my working uniform. My favorite perfume would be The Fantasy by Britney Spears.

Any fashion advice?

Just be yourself! Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Photographer: Nicky Kuautonga

Assistant Stylist: Irene Abbock

Hair, makeup and nails: Body and Soul

Clothes were made by local seamstress, Anna’s Creations

This article was originally published in the November edition of the Vanuatu Daily Post’s Life and Style magazine.