Easter Monday witnessed a quiet family celebration at Minister Vanuaroroa Ham Lini’s residence. Vanuaroroa Ham Lini’s niece, Natasha Leo Vira have been promoted to the position of QBE Manager.


Natasha is a lawyer, graduated at the USP law school some years ago. QBE discovered her potential when she was still a student and on one occasion took up a holiday job with the company. They recruited her after her graduation and in February 2018 they were convinced of her outstanding ability. They organized an occasion and offered if should would agree to be assigned the top post. This was not only a surprise to her but she got a shock at the offer. For a couple of minutes she could not speak to make her respond. But then her voice cracked, and she accepted a dream she never anticipated.

That night she could not sleep as she tried to absorb the reality. Being so young if her father and mother were around she would have consulted them and they would easily advice their views and they would certainly discuss through with her and giving encouragement and it would help her psychologically. But both parents have departed, in sudden circumstances. A reason which might explain why Natasha today is a very confident and brave lady.


Natasha’s father is a University Graduate and at one time a State Minister. A very assertive character if you asked those who knew him well. But the mother is also an intelligent lady. Graduated as a lawyer and became the first local female Public Prosecutor. So the achievement of Natasha is not a big surprise. She was destined to be an intelligent lady and to be an achiever.

Natasha was decorated with a custom title this afternoon during the gathering. Her title is, Mitalairongo meaning piercing sound.

QBE Insurance have existed in Vanuatu since 1920 as a branch. But in 1987 it became a full company providing a range of insurance policy covering, Housing, Public Liability, Workers Compensation, etc.

Congratulations Natasha for this high achievement at the young age of 30.

Photos and Facebook post by Dickinson Tevi