Children at Eratap School just outside Port Vila were having classes not in proper classrooms after losing their classrooms to cyclone Pam.

Just recently, these children were placed into their new classroom rebuilt by Red Cross. With its focus on supporting lives during crisis and in times of need, the leading humanitarian organisation wants to see that the the children must not miss out on education by providing them a safe and friendly learning environment.

The newly launched classroom at Eratap was built to standards and can withstand category 5 cyclones and any future threat. It accommodates classes one, two and three.

Eratap primary and two other schools on Buninga and Emae in the Shepherds were chosen to be part of Vanuatu Red Cross recovery project.

The funds for these projects are provided by the Japanese Red Cross.

Red Cross raised the money through its international appeal after cyclone Pam. According to Dickinson Tevi of the Vanuatu Red Cross, specific instruction was given from the Japanese Red Cross to spend the money it gave on school reconstructions.

The Operations Manager of the International Federation of Red Cross, Benoit Portem, attended the opening.

In his short address, VRC President George Sokomanu encouraged students and teachers to make good use of the classroom.

After sharing a story with the children related to a young female education advocator, President Sokomanu uttered his important message: “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can make a change”. READ MORE