Claudie David(in yellow) wins another gold for Suva Grammar School last week in the 200m.
By Anasilini Natoga

The David sisters, Claudie and Chloe, from Mataso island are currently flying Vanuatu’s flag high in the Fiji Secondary School Athletics meet.

The Fiji Secondary School Athletics meet, called the Coca-Cola Games, is the event that all high schools in Fiji look forward to in the first term of every year.

It is the biggest school track and field meet in the Pacific.

This is the event that brings together more then 2,000 students from all over Fiji to compete competitively in two divisions, in the boys’ and the girls’ division.

Last week the David sisters, Claudie and Chloe, were part of the Suva Grammar School athletics team, which won the Suva Zone II boys and girls division to book their places in the main Coca-Cola Games final in April.

Claudie David competed in the sub junior girls grade and ran in the 100m, 200m and helped her 4x100m relay team and won three gold medals for her school, which is a milestone achievement for a Ni-Van young athlete.

She was scared at first competing with other top sprinters in the zone meet but was adamant for a positive performance.

“Just looking at the different sprinters, i was scared but i know i have to prove myself, i’m happy and i want to dedicate this win to my parents,” she excitedly said.

Her elder sister Chloe David is in year 11 and competed in her first year intermediate grade and competed in 100m, 200m and 4x100m, however due to limited time to prepare for this zone games, she decided to only compete in the 100m, and 4x100m relay.

She got a bronze medal in her 100m final and secured a gold medal in her 4x100m relay final.

Proud parents Josian and Eggie, that are currently students at the University of the South Pacific, were proud of their daughters.

“They knew the competition will be tough for them taking into account the amount of time they have in their hands to prepare for this competition.

“They both experienced some illnesses over the break that really affect their off-season trainings while other athletes engaged well with off-season trainings.

“The results got them by surprise since they feel as they are still not 100% fit for competition.

“However, they are excited about the results even with their school, Suva Grammar, securing both male and female overall medal tally.

“They are looking forward to prepare well for the main challenges coming up on the Fiji finals or Fiji Coca-Cola Games in April where they will take on the challenge head to head with other athletes from well known schools in Fiji.”

The family have acknowledged Mr Kunro Kalo in France and all their friends and families here in Vanuatu.

“Chloe and Claudie wanted to express their heart felt gratitude and dedicated their results to their sponsor who is also following up on their performance very closely, Mr. Kunro Kalo and family in France.

“And their coaches at Royals Athletics Club and Suva Grammar, and finally their parents and families supporting back home in Vanuatu.”