The Electoral Office has confirmed that just over 20 applications for the position of President for the Republic of Vanuatu, were filed by 5pm Wednesday afternoon.

Three female candidates were among male candidates that applied for the presidential post, whose election will take place Monday next week.

However, as of 4pm yesterday, the Daily Post understands that, of the three female candidates, it is likely only one will remain on the final list after full and final screening.

While a list of names of 15 candidates was circulated on the social media, the Electoral Office says there were over 20 candidates as of 4pm yesterday, as the screening of names was being finalized.

The final list will be published in the Government’s Official Gazette and officially declared as eligible candidates, and read out over Radio Vanuatu around 4 to 4.30pm today.

In the last presidential election in 2014, there were 23 applicants.

Daily Post understands that members of the Electoral College which take in all 52 Members of Parliament (MPs) and the 6 Presidents of the Provincial Councils will all be present on Monday next week for the election of the new President which the Daily Post understands will commence at around 9am. This was also confirmed by the Office of the Speaker of Parliament.

In the meantime, the presidential candidates are already lobbying political groupings, individual MPs and other members of the Electoral College rallying support for their candidatures.

The successful elected candidate on Monday next week, will be the 9th President of the Republic of Vanuatu since the country became independent on July 30, 1980. READ MORE