The second Pacific Feminist Forum took place from 20 – 22 May 2019 in Pacific Harbour, Fiji. The forum brought together over 150 feminists from the Pacific region. Our diversities include; women,
girls, lesbians, bisexual, trans diverse people, gender non-conforming identities, ethnically diverse women and girls, indigenous women, women with disabilities, sex workers, women living with HIV and
aids, widows, women living in rural and remote areas, young women, older women, heterosexual women, women in sports, women in non-traditional roles, women from faith based communities, women in creative industries and women in the informal sector and others.1
Part of this call to action is ensuring that process and structures of all 1 From here on when we mention ‘women and girls’ we refer to specific identities and needs of lesbians, bisexual, trans people, intersex people, fa’afafine, leiti, and other non-heteronormative Pacific identities, Francophone women, diaspora women, indigenous women, women living in occupied and colonised territories, migrant women and girls, women with disabilities, and women with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities, sex workers, living with HIV aids, women living in rural and remote places, young women, the girl
child, single mothers, women with albinism, older women, heterosexual women, women in sports, and
creative industries.

future Pacific Feminist Forums continue to work on the representation of this diversity.
The Pacific Feminist Charter was created at the first forum in 2016 as a living document, intended to guide our analysis and practice. This Action Plan reflects our commitment to the Charter principles, and
sets a collective pathway to build solidarity, strengthen our resistance and join our feminist struggles in revolution.