Marcelline Moli of Abobo Village on Ambae was only 10 years old when she climbed a very high mango tree and reached out along a branch to grab a mango.

She over-balanced and fell.

A compound fracture of her right arm failed to heal and eventually, her arm had to be amputated. Further complications set in. Miss Moli had a very long path to recovery.

“I had to leave school and stay home,” reflected Marcelline.

“It was very difficult, I really missed school, learning and my friends but I didn’t give up.”

She continued to show real courage and determination to overcome the situation.

“I became involved with sport organized through the Sanma Franjipani Association.

“The sport really helped me with my self confidence and fitness.

“I went back to school, even though I was much older than all of my classmates – but I did not let that deter me.”

She’s 15 now and has just completed Year 5 at Santo East coming in the top academic echelon in every subject. She shows the same drive to excel on the sports track.

The Vanuatu Paralympic Committee organized a Talent Identification Workshop in Luganville funded by Oceania Paralympic Committee and the AGITOS Foundation.

Dorian Naliupis of the Sanma Franjipani Organisation encouraged Moli to attend along with around 30 other athletes living with an impairment. READ MORE