Pastor Jacob Vula of Living Water Church has said a Christian marriage must remain Christian and a custom chief should not be used to resolve any social issues that arise during the marriage, not even spilling the blood of animals to resolve issue(s) because that would not be Christian.

He said God performed the first marriage in the Garden of Eden and therefore marrying a man and woman “to become one flesh” belongs to God.

For this reason the couple must return to the pastor to allow Jesus to find the solution to their problems as it is the only way in any Christian marriage.

Pastor Vula from South Santo delivered the powerful message during the Christian wedding of young couple Kelly Kalmanu and Augie Kalmanu last Friday.

The pastor believes the first heavenly question to be asked of the husband on His return, would be how he has treated his wife in their life time. “That is why it important that in their life now, the couple must honour and respect each other and live a Godly life.

To the families attending the marriage service he said, “What it means for the husband as head of the family is that he gets up first in the morning and makes breakfast for the kids and prepares them for school while his good wife continues to sleep.

“She will get up later to take over the responsibilities for the rest of the day.

“Being head of the family does not mean making a slave of his wife while a husband drinks kava late into the night then sleeps late in the morning with a hangover and expects her to do everything.”