Anne Pakoa, a human rights activist, has affirmed that the recent picketing activity conducted by a group of concerned citizens this Wednesday, coinciding with the ongoing parliamentary session debating the Motion of No Confidence against the Prime Minister, is not influenced by political motives.

Pakoa’s assertion comes in response to a statement made by Bob Loughman, the Leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament (MP) for Tanna.

Loughman, during a press conference on Thursday, acknowledged the presence of the young women and activists engaging in the picketing outside the parliament.

However, he expressed his hope that their actions are not politically motivated.

Loughman emphasised that he desires to witness these demonstrators contributing to a resolution of the current political situation.

The group of young women and female activists demonstrated their concerns through posters, sending forth messages that implored parliamentarians to cease switching sides, allow the existing government to fulfill its term, and urge both the government and opposition factions to collaborate in the interest of forming a stable government.

Jenny Ligo, also a woman activist, highlighted that this peaceful demonstration symbolises unity on behalf of many citizens who want steady and progressive governance.

The protest serves as a collective voice against the chaos caused by the constant shifts of MPs between the government and opposition camps.