Former Papua New Guinea Orchids player Della Audama and PNG Orchids Vice Captain Gloria Kaupa are currently in the country for the launch Premier of the documentary Power Meri.

Power Meri documentary tells the story of PNG Orchids, on their journey to the 2017 World Cup in Australia.

Documentary director Joanna Lester said; “ We are here for a week to launch the premier of Power Meri.

“We have got two stars in the film from the PNG Orchids rugby league team. One vice captain and one of them is in the coaching staff of the team and they are here for a week of activities promoting rugby league, specifically women’s rugby league,” Lester said.

The duo have been busy throughout the week promoting women rugby league in the country.

“ They were training some of the local Vanuatu rugby league players as development officers so they can go into schools and grow rugby league a little bit more.

“This week they trained some of the Vanuatu rugby league players, got into schools.

“They have done training sessions with all four women’s rugby league clubs in Port Vila, first one was the joined training sessions with Powerhouse and Ifira and the second one was joined training session with Mele and Blacksand,” she added.