To celebrate International Women’s Day, Sista is holding an exhibition at Alliance Francaise at 5pm on Friday 8th March 2019 using arts and communications to celebrate Ni-Vanuatu women. The exhibition will run until Friday 15th March.


The theme of the exhibition is `Playful + Powerful’ as we believe that the most powerful thing a woman can do is be truly herself. And if you are going to be yourself, why not have fun doing it?

After the opening there will be a concert by Paran Latan (Vanuatu) and Tyssia (New Caledonia).

Join us and enjoy:

• ‘Sista Gat Style’ photo exhibition, collected from the monthly fashion feature produced by Sista and Vanuatu Daily Post’s Life and Style magazine.
• ‘What Do You Love About Yourself’ photo exhibition with Starlight Photography. We ask women from various backgrounds what they love the most about themselves.
• ‘Dress to Express’ fashion design exhibition showcasing the work of aspiring fashion designers.
• Vanuatu Feminist Library book viewing, founded by activist Stephanie Ephraim Lekal


• Handicrafts by the vendors from the Handicraft Haos
• Works by Elaine Moli, Juliette Pita, Julie Sau and Busi Vasconcellos
• Release of the Mama Pasifika Music Video – Celebrating Vanuatu Women and Girls! Black Sistaz and Ni-Vanuatu women with the support of CARE Vanuatu, Department of Women’s Affairs, DFAT and Digicel.
• Gender Equality in Vanuatu poster – free giveaway of taemlean blong Jenda Ikwaliti long Vanuatu poster

Thank you to Ambassade de France, Top Signs, Colorite Graphic, Gaston’s Chocolate, Vanuatu Marketing Media and Florabunda for your support.