A principal at a Junior Secondary School in Tongoa has been accused of impregnating two students.

One of them died during pregnancy last year.

The principal has denied the accusation, saying he has already responded to the allegations against him in a report submitted to the Teaching Service Commission (TSC).

Both the Shefa Education Officer and the TSC are aware of this matter.

The TSC said it has receiving a complaint letter from the parents of the deceased student at the end of 2018 but it cannot discipline the principal.

The TSC said it is difficult to take action against the principal when there is no evidence to prove and support what the parents reported, as it was reported late after the student’s death.

Police in Tongoa said they did not receive a complaint regarding this matter, but they confirmed that they have received a complaint against the same principal for alleged sexual intercourse with another student.

The parents of the student filed the complaint with the police and requested the police to get their daughter from the principal’s premise at the end of the 2018 academic year.

The incident occurred during the second term of 2018 when the student was in Year 10, according to police. She is expected to give birth to her baby soon.

The Silimauri Clinic on Tongoa has confirmed the student’s pregnancy.

The clinic said the student went for a pregnancy test in the presence of police as part of the investigation but at the time she was already several months pregnant.

Police in Tongoa said they have completed their investigation and have reported the matter to Commander Shefa, TSC and relevant education authorities to take further action.

The TSC Act forbids any sexual conduct or sexual relationship of any kind between teachers and students, it also sets out the penalties for the misconduct.