For Sophie Demore, mosaic art
is part of her life and has been for over 20 years.This is evident in an exhibition she is staging at the French Embassy Exhibition Hall over this week and ending today.

Though she joined other local artists some years back in presenting her mosaic art work in Port Vila, this is the first time to run her own mosaic art work at the French Embassy in Port Vila and in Vanuatu.

All her mosaic art works on display at the French Embassy Exhibition Hall this week are of magnificent surprise for the people in Port Vila who have the chance to pass through and should not be missed by anyone.

Born in a French Town of Angers, Ms Demore, has been to Vanuatu on a number of occasions, mainly to visit her daughter living here.

While maintaining close contact with her home town of Angers where one of the best attractions of the town is a unique large and tall building fully decorated from the outside with mosaic art, Demore said she has and is contemplating spending most of life now here in Vanuatu.

She said she will continue with her mosaic art work in Port Vila as well as running workshops for locals who are or will be interested in mosaic art.

“My passion for mosaic art goes back to my childhood days back in my home town of Angers in France.

“When I was young, I used to pass this large tall “Maison Bleu” or “Blue House” that had a total mosaic outside wall decoration and, is very fascinating to look at every time I pass the building.

“It is of this “Maison Bleu” Mosaic exterior decoration over the whole entire building that I fell in love with the mosaic art,” she said with a smile when interviewed by the Daily Post.

She went to express that, through looking at this “ Maison Bleu” in her hometown of Angers that she decided to try her hand on this particular art.

Asked if she received formal training or workshops on the art, Sophie simply replied: “Self-taught all the way.

“I spent time finding out for myself about the art of mosaic and began to train myself over the years and here I am today with this piece of the exhibition art work of mosaic as you can see,” she smiled pointing to one of the magnificent piece of mosaic art work she has created amongst dozens of others that would probably only be seen or found around Europe somewhere.