The Vanuatu Women’s Centre (VWC) established an office at the Penama Provincial Headquarters at Saratamata, in Longana, Ambae, on January 16, 2017.

According to the Head of the Vanuatu Women’s Centre, Meryline Tahi, the Organization has already established offices in five other provinces in Vanuatu, and Penama is the last Province to have an office established at its headquarter.

The new Penama VWC office is being manned by Rolenas Lolo, who has served for many years with vast experience in various fields of working with women in Vanuatu.

Speaking briefly to the Daily Post by phone, the National Head of the VWC, Meryline Tahi, confirmed that cases of domestic violence against women, rape, incest is on the increase in the Penama Province. She said people in Penama appear to no longer have customary respect for one another, especially towards the women.

She said statistics shows that violence against women by men in Penama Province is increasing.

The Head of the VWC calls on the people of Penama and other provinces in Vanuatu to hold hands together and work towards curbing and eradicating violence against women and establish a society with care for women and children for Vanuatu better future.

Women in the three islands of Penama; Pentecost, Maewo and Ambae are encouraged to call at or contact the new Penama VWC office for advice and assistance.

It is located next to the Penama Provincial Police Post.