For Willie Saute, it was a
dream come true when, his grandson Jay Timatua, was included in the Vanuatu Under-20 football squad that have qualified for the World Cup in Seoul, South Korea, in 2017.

Few hours before the Vanuatu Under-20 Team took on New Zealand Under-20 last Saturday afternoon, the proud grandfather, Willie Saute, carried the Vanuatu National Flag and marched through Port Vila, showing his support ahead of the Vanuatu-New Zealand start at the Port Vila Stadium.

The 53-year-old retired grandfather called into the Daily Post, just 3 hours before kick-off time to express his feeling, not just for his grandson Jay Timatua, but for the Vanuatu National Under-20 Squad, which has for the first time in the history of the country, made it to the World Cup field games in Seoul, South Korea, in 2017.

“It has been my long awaited dream and it happens that my grandson is part of my long awaited dream for Vanuatu football Team to one day play in the World Cup field,” he proudly expressed to the Daily Post.

The jubilant grandfather posed proudly with the Vanuatu National Flag outside the Daily Post Office as he remarked that: “I want to see Vanuatu beat New Zealand this afternoon, but otherwise, the Vanuatu National Under-20 Team which my grandson is part of the Team, is part of the World Cup Under-20 Games in Seoul, South Korea anyway,” he said with a big smile. READ MORE