The Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) Lord Mayor Ulrich Sumptoh signed an agreement with the fleet management committee of the Public Service yesterday (Friday) to enable PVMC to purchase 15 buses from it to run School Buses next year.

“I have seen school children walk back from school in rain and sometimes buses refuse to pick them, and I wish to state the PVMC School Bus proposal has the entire support of the Public Service,” Secretary of the Public Service, Mr Jacques Gedeon told the Mayor and the Acting Town Clerk, Ms Michelle Jonas.

Mayor Sumptoh signed the agreement with the Secretary of the PS that will see PVMC purchase 15 buses that were operated by Van 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

“I have seen school buses operate in Fiji and neighboring New Caledonia but why can’t we have a system in place for our children in our capital city Port Vila. My Council approved the plan in a recent full Council meeting,” Mr Sumptoh told the PS Secretary.

Mr Sumptoh, a son of Port Vila, said during the Condominium era the governments operated school buses for schools and it will be over 35 years that Port Vila will see the introduction of school buses again.

“The school bus should address the issue of punctuality in classes as we all know that with the current bus routes and the different amount charged to passengers and students, sometimes school children are second priority to their schools,” the Lord Mayor said.

A small fee will be charged for the school bus service.