Tugeta yumi stanap strong akensem vaelens mo harassment. 

Sexual harassment and violence in the workplace has serious consequences for women and girls. It affects their safety, health and well-being, but also their ability to access, participate, and progress fully and equally, in society and the economy. 

With the support of Fiji Women’s Rights Movement in Partnership with the Pacific islands forum with funding from the European Union in the pacific through the Pacific Partnership, Sista has conducted a study and developed a video on sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Sista carried out a survey to understand the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace and used those findings to work strategically with Matakambu to produce a short film  on promoting awareness on sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Following the survey conducted by Sista here are a few of the key findings: 

  • 66% of women have experienced sexual harassment at their workplace
  • Single women and girls experience the most sexual harassment at their workplace
  • 54% of girls and women between the ages of 16 – 29 years have experienced a higher rate of sexual harassment at the workplace.
  • 79% of sexual harassment cases at the work place were NOT reported

Verbal harassment, followed by gestural harassment and physical harassment were the most prevalent types of sexual harassment experienced in the workplace. Women did not report due to the normalisation of sexual harrassment, or faced unclear strategies on how to report. Many workplaces do not have sexual harrassment policies.  You can read the survey report HERE.

Although Vanuatu is a signatory of  Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), we have not adopted any sexual harrassment legislation and we hope the report and video is the start of a conversation to make workplaces safe for all women. 

VIDEO: Raising Awareness About Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace

This project is supported by the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement in partnership with the Pacific Islands Forum with funding from the European Union in the Pacific through the Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls (Pacific Partnership).

The Pacific Partnership brings together governments, civil society organisations, communities and other partners to promote gender equality, prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG), and increase access to quality response services for survivors. 

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