An exhibition of contemporary artworks by the Red Wave Vanuatu Contemporary Art Association will be launching tonight at 5pm at the Fondation Suzanne Bastien Gallery on Pango Rd. The exhibition runs until Saturday 24th December 2016.

This unique group of artists was founded after the 2001 UNESCO Regional Art Workshop held at the Vanuatu Institute of Technology-VIT.

Five Ni-Vanuatu artists who attended the workshop namely, Eric Natuoivi, Roy Thompson, Andrew Tovovur, David Ambong and Matthew Abbock formed a special art group after the workshop

The purpose of the Red Wave Vanuatu Contemporary Art Association is not to challenge any existing art associations in Port Vila or Vanuatu, but instead it is to bring together young artists, to support and assist them in their work from the customs and traditions of their country.

Red Wave wants to encourage young artists to participate in exhibitions organized by the association in Vanuatu and abroad as well as assist in providing avenues for young artists who may not be confident enough to join these ongoing art associations.


Today the Association consists of 12 members including Jean Claude Toure, Andrew Tovovur, Eric Natuoivi, Matthew Abbock, Roy Thompson, David Ambong, Tony Bruce, Joseph John, Narsong Taleo, Christopher Tevi and Humphrey who will be exhibiting their pieces.

The name is adopted from ‘Red Wave’, a small group of visual artists based at the USP Oceania Art Centre in Suva, Fiji.

‘Red Wave Vanuatu’ is chosen because it creates a link with the Oceania Art Centre and it is a creation of another wave of arts from the Pacific Ocean.

Red symbolizes a number of worldwide phenomena, for example: blood, danger, protection, fire, help etc.

Red Wave Vanuatu is a new wave beginning to break in the shores of Vanuatu and the Pacific Region, a unique wave of Vanuatu contemporary artwork.

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