Sanma emerged victorious in the Vanuatu National Secondary School Games (VNSSG) 2023 netball Category B competition, triumphing over Port Vila with a 21-18 scoreline.

After a resounding 33-11 victory against Shefa in the semi-finals, Sanma entered the grand final with unwavering confidence, executing precise passes to their sharp-shooting forwards who consistently hit their marks.

Port Vila, having clinched a hard-fought 22-19 extra-time win against Penama in the semi-finals, responded with their own skillful shooting, keeping the pressure on Sanma. The half-time scoreboard favored Sanma at 8-7.

Following the break, Port Vila initiated a gradual comeback, but Sanma’s determined blue-clad team continued to showcase their resilience, persistently delivering long, accurate passes to their shooters.

Despite Port Vila’s efforts and shots on target, Sanma’s control granted them the upper hand, ultimately leading to their golden victory.

Sanma’s coach, Prescila Wass, was elated with the performance that exceeded her expectations. She praised the team’s adherence to the game plan and their wholehearted dedication.

Wass expressed gratitude to supporters and families for their unwavering encouragement.

In Category A, Port Vila Claims Victory with Exceptional Shooting Accuracy

In an electrifying Category A grand final, Port Vila clinched the gold by defeating Sanma with a score of 47-30. Both teams showcased impressive netball skills, treating spectators to a thrilling contest. Port Vila’s shooting accuracy proved crucial in securing their victory.

Port Vila’s coach, Lois Tari, celebrated her team’s success and their execution of her strategies. She highlighted that Sanma posed minimal challenges during the game, thanking parents and supporters for their presence and cheers.

Luganville Grabs Bronze in Category A, Shefa Triumphs in Category B

Luganville secured the bronze medal in Category A by defeating Penama 50-25 after losing 44-22 against Port Vila in the semi-finals. Shefa claimed victory in the Category B competition with a tight 22-21 win against Penama.

Penama coach Qwennette Tarere expressed satisfaction with both Penama teams reaching the semi-finals.