The SSEWN assessment in Malpoi village – Despite the environmental damage, no one was injured – Photo by SSEWN


The Santo Sunset Environment Women’s Network (SSEWN) has taken the initiative to provide aid to the affected villagers in North West Santo following the recent natural disasters that hit the area.

Malpoi village was severely impacted by the recent cyclone and subsequent landslide, which caused damage to the land and made it difficult for the villagers to move around due to the mud.

After conducting an assessment, SSEWN found that the villagers were in dire need of humanitarian relief supplies and assistance, as all of their gardens had been destroyed and their water sources contaminated. In response, the SSEWN team traveled back to their base in Tasmate to gather the necessary supplies for distribution to the affected families.

Some families had to relocate to a safer area due to the landslide, and SSEWN is stepping forward as the first Non-Government Organisation to offer assistance to the community in North West Santo.

Chairman of SSEWN, Allan Taman, emphasized the importance of providing aid to the community, who are in need of support during this challenging time.

SSEWN is demonstrating its commitment to helping those in need, and their quick response to the natural disaster highlights the importance of aid organizations in providing assistance during times of crisis.