A 14-year-old girl was raped at least 3 times by her step dad who her mother had entrusted her when she left for seasonal work in New Zealand.

Samuel Aru, a 50-year-old man started sexually abusing his wife’s biological daughter in 2015 after his wife joined the RSE.

He was sentenced by the Supreme Court early this month to 5 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to three counts of sexual intercourse without consent, sections 90 and 91, one count of acts of indecency without consent, section 98A, and one count of sexual intercourse with child under care and protection, section 96 (1) of the Penal Code Act CAP. 135.

The victim was only two years old when her mother started living with the 50 year old and she was the only child between them.

He started committing sexual acts towards her firstly indecency in early 2015 and told her not to tell anyone about it.

Later that year he started having sexual intercourse with her and threatened to kill her by cutting her throat if she told anyone about his actions.

The acts continue to remain hidden until the wife returned for RSE and caught him committing the act on her.

“These offendings occurred within the confines of your house and your bedroom the very environment where she was supposed to feel safe and cared for,” Supreme Court Justice Oliver Saksak told Aru during his sentencing.

“There was a serious breach of trust.

“You appear to be shifting the blame onto the victim’s mother, but as a mature man, that is inexcusable.

“There were repetitions of the acts which extended over a period of two years from July 2015.

“You were 49 years old then but now you are 50 years old.

“There is an age difference of 35 years.”

Saksak stated that the Courts have a duty to impose sentences which “mark the seriousness of offences, mark public disapproval and condemnation of offender’s actions, Act as a deterrence to the offender and others, protect the young, the weak and vulnerable members of society, and Adequately punish the offender”. READ MORE