The four bus and taxi drivers responsible for the kidnapping of Vanuatu Helicopters Manager, Florence Lengkon will reappear before the Supreme Court Monday next week for sentencing, after an adjournment yesterday morning.

Pierre Noal, Ben Koro, Glen Kovoi and Michael Samuel were initially scheduled for sentencing yesterday morning but the matter has been adjourned due to unavailability of pre-sentencing reports for the defendants.

Yesterday’s sitting happened after 9am and was stood down once as the Judge and counsels inquire about the availability of the pre-sentencing reports.

The court was later informed that the pre-sentencing reports which are the responsibilities of Correctional Services probation officers will only be available by lunch time yesterday.

Delaying the sentencing was a frustrating issue since counsels have other matters to deal with this week, the judge had no choice but to adjourn the matter to Monday 9am. READ MORE