A female government officer has lodged a formal complaint against the Director General (DG) of the ministry she is working under.

The officer made the formal complaint to her superior because she feels that the work environment is no longer safe for her.

”I have been employed within this department for the last seven years and I am proud to be part of this enthusiastic hard-working team, unfortunately, since the introduction of the DG in our ministry, my work has suffered due to chronic and severe verbal sexual abuse,” she stated in the letter.

She accused the DG of using verbal intimidation on a routine basis at the Ministry compound.

”His behavior has extended to other male staff as well, however although i speak only on behalf of myself,” she alleged. “The treatment began when the DG took up the office.

“He repeatedly made indecent references to me in front of my coworkers also with abusive language and i believe that the entire staff has been affected by this atmosphere of negative and threatening behaviour.”

Daily Post understands the Public Service Commission (PSC) has received the complainant’s letter and it will address the matter seriously.