Peace Corps Vanuatu is excited to invite you to the first annual Shefa Spelling Bee “Bee the Change.” Since November last year, Shefa Education Office and Peace Corps Vanuatu have been planning and developing a spelling bee to increase literacy and climate change awareness in Vanuatu.


The primary aim is to increase student interest in English education through competition, in addition to creating climate change awareness. Global climate changes are swiftly affecting life in Vanuatu, and it will be up to this next generation to mitigate the damage.

Peace Corps volunteers throughout Efate and its outlying islands have been preparing students for this bee. Already the students competing in August have passed a spelling test, and won their spellings bees at individual schools. To study, students have been given a list of over 600 climate change and environmentally themed vocabulary words, they are expected to know the spellings of each word in addition to its meaning.

These students have worked very hard thus far, and the competition is high as they are competing for a VUV50,000 scholarship to be used for junior secondary.


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