Everyone remembers the 24-year old Air Vanuatu flight attendant for her ever ready smile and her passion for her job in the sky.

Air Vanuatu Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Laloyer, said the same about Amanda Ruth Lennie’s smile which also marketed the national flag carrier to the world.

Private Lawyer, Edward Nalyal, first knew her as a young girl who visited her mother at the lawyer’s office where she used to work.

He brought a bunch of bright flowers to her grave in memory of her sun shine presence at his company.

Her former spouse, Tony Matuliki spoke with grace in her memory and their three-year-old daughter he calls “Princess Fiona”, who he promised to continue to care for and her future.

He and his family offered a massive custom ceremony to her mother and her family before her burial.

A spokeswoman for her Aneityum family described her as the “doll of Aneityum”, saying her presence in their village was like sun shine.

Her family from Ambae on her mother’s side described her as a “smart” young woman who turned bleak to bright with her ever ready smile who was passionate about her job in the sky.

Amanda Ruth Lennie shocked all her friends and families when news of her sudden passing broke out in the social media.

According to her doctor, she died of blood cancer.

Both her families from Ambae and Aneityum wish to thank Tony Matuliki, Edward Nalyal, Air Vanuatu, Wan Small Bag and the National Bank of Vanuatu, as well as the scores of unnamed individuals for all their support and presence at her funeral yesterday.